The FrontINov International Research Network (IRN) gathers researchers from different horizons around the theme of innate immunity.

Our objective is to allow translation of novel and emerging technologies from nanoscience, artificial intelligence, and physical sciences into tools for biologists. In particular, we wish to develop tools for the study of regionalized immune processes and facilitate the exchange of competencies between different in vivo models for the study of chronic inflammation. Ultimately, we aim to structure an endurable, challenge-oriented, and collaborative research community.

The FrontINov International Research Network will:

– Organize two major international meetings

– Organize workshops around transversal skills

– Promote exchange of knowledge and competencies

– Showcase major advances in projects resulting from interactions between Network members.

The FrontINov International Research Network will welcome new members, enriching the competencies of the community. Please contact project coordinators to express interest.

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